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The Muraki/Oriya Yaoi Livejournal Community

Muriya Yaoi Community
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Hi and welcome to the Muriya Yaoi Community! What is Muriya, you ask? Muraki/Oriya yaoi goodness, of course!

Feel free to post anything related to Muraki and Oriya, be in fanfics, fanart, discussions, etc., but it is only asked that you use common sense and courtesy while doing so.

If it's a fanart, please put it behind a lj-cut to be kind to our members' friends list. This applies to a fanfic as well, or if what you want to share with us happens to be rated NC-17 or even R.

When posting a story, please use the following guidelines:
Pairings, if any
Brief summary
Notes, if any

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated! For your reference...
unmei_no_laluna - maintainer
Be bad and we will...do something...not pleasant...^^;;

Anyway, please enjoy the community and other Yami communities, as listed below.

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